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Customers who have earned holiday tickets for their purchases, made their summer with Başbuğ!

After shopping for products of certain brands supplied by Başbuğ Oto, the customers who won the Balkans Travel enjoyed their holiday.
Winners explored the historical, cultural and local tastes of Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Skopje, Ohrid, Budva. Palace tour of Bosnia was also a chance to see many traces of the Ottoman Empire.
Ohrid Lake, described as the “Blue Pearl in by Ohrid people, Budva, which is called as the Miami of Montenegro, and Sarajevo, which is known as Jerusalem of Europe, where many religions have lived until today, were some of the important landmarks as well as many historical buildings, squares, bazaars, beaches and lovely streets. 
After special activities and tasting local dishes, the guests left behind a lasting trip and experienced the privilege of being a part of Başbuğ Family.

September - 2019

International Sales Representative Training Program also includes Turkish participants this year!

The first stage of the International Sales Representative Training Program, which was a first in the sector, regarding the employment of foreign students in the auto spare parts sector, was successfully completed in 2018. The second stage was expanded and Turkish students studying in the automotive and automotive engineering departments or newly graduated students were also included in the scope of the program.
Some of the students who are successful at the end of the program have the chance to be employed in BASBUG Spare Parts, which creates added value to the sector by growing day by day. This program also plays an important role in responding to the demand of qualified labor force that the sector needs.

June - 2019

Corporate Games: Enthusiasm of Winning in Istanbul

Başbuğ Group took part in soccer and backgammon matches in Corporate Games Istanbul, a series of intercompany competitions in different branches. BSG has come in third place in the soccer competition.
87 brands from 17 different industries participated in Corporate Games Istanbul, which is organized inter-company. Başbuğ Group became the third team in the football tournament where 26 brands competed. At the end of the tournament, Başbuğ football team received their medals with an award ceremony and managed to raise the bar for the coming years.

May - 2019

There is time for business and time for entertainment at the great Basbug Meeting

Başbuğ Auto Spare Parts brought together important suppliers and customers of the sector at the Great BASBUG Meeting.
Dozens of suppliers and hundreds of customers came together at the event, which took place at BASBUG head office on April 6. In the logistics area of the central building, an industrial site concept was created with a special design that is made specifically for the organization. At the organization that started at noon and ended at the end of the day, Başbuğ suppliers and customers had conversations, the guests enjoyed traditional delicacies and took plenty of photos with classical cars exhibited at the event.

The participants left the night with a small memory, taking the photos of the Big Basbug Meeting hashtag. Later in the day, the best percussion artist of Turkey, Gencer Savaş and his band, brought in a giant stage show with drums made from car headlamps and tires specially prepared for the night.
During the peak of the entertainment, the participants had a pleasant time with Talk Show of Doğan Akdoğan, Onur Atilla and Okan Çabalar who are known from a famous TV Show.
The night, which started with the slogan "There is Time for Business and Time for Entertainment", was pleasant for all the participants with surprise gifts for the guests. 

April - 2019

Başbuğ Family At the same table in every Ramadan

Başbuğ Family, celebrated Ramadan's joy, peace and happiness under the same roof with all of its companies in the iftar dinner.
During the iftar dinner held at Fuat Paşa Seaside Mansion, members of the Board of Directors and all employees came together. Basbug's traditional iftar dinner held every year, accompanied by Sufi music concert was a pleasant night.


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