Differential/Transmission Parts

The duty of the clutch is to transmit or interrupt the movement of the motor when the engine is running. Basic parts; printing, balata and ball.

It breaks 90 degrees from the defective shaft and transmits it to the wheels. When turning, the wheels rotate at different speeds in bends, corners and outside of the bend. mirror gear, pinion gear, axle gear, pinion gear, axle shaft.

The transmission is the transfer element that transmits the movement from the motor to the shaft or differential with the desired torque value through the pressure lining. Keeps the engine running when the vehicle is stationary. It provides the most suitable speed and torque according to the road and traffic situation. Provides acceleration and enables economical driving even at high speeds with the appropriate gears passed and moves the vehicle forward and backward.

Transmissions; manual gearbox (manual gearbox, manual gearbox), semi-automatic transmission and automatic transmission (with torque converter).

  • Axle Shafts
  • Rear Axles
  • Bevelled gears
  • Lower clutch / upper centers
  • Clutch adjusters
  • Clutch Forks
  • Clutch Pedal / components
  • Differential parts
  • Axle Repair sets
  • Complete Shafts
  • Constant-velocity joints
  • Gearbox synchronizers
  • Shaft Parts
  • Interlock Boxes
  • Gearshift levers
  • Gear bellows types
  • Flywheel Gear Types Flywheels
  • Flywheel Clutch sets
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