In 1974, BAŞBUĞ Auto Parts Inc. started its business life in Aksaray Istanbul
Its activities in the automotive aftermarket industry started with FORD, MERCEDES-BENZ, VOLKSWAGEN, OPEL, BMW, PEUGEOT, CITROEN, HYUNDAI, KIA, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA, LAND ROVER, MINI AND CHEVROLET’S light commercial and passenger vehicles original and aftermarket spare parts sale and marketing.

It has storage of 12,000 m² in Istanbul, 6000 m² in Ankara, 7000 m² in Izmir, 3000 m² in Adana and 3000 m² in Erzurum with modern facilities and is continuing to grow with sales offices in six regions of the world.

Quality Service, Quality Products, Fast Logistics, Reasonable Price policy created by the BSG Autoparts brand and developed with a wide range of international brands as well as distribution agreements has become the leading company in the industry position.

Purpose; with specialized and trained staff, Turkey`s 81 provinces and 60 countries worldwide customers offers the highest quality service.

Our human resources policy is based on 5 basic principles:
» Equality,
» Participatory management and transparency,
» The continuous improvement of working conditions,
» Efficiency /performance based payment,
» Respect for human rights,

From these perspective our main human resources policy is as follows:
» To support our corporate aim and strategies
» To apply and improve contemporary human resources system which are compatible with our values
» To develop human resources policy in which all departments can work jointly
» To make our human resource strategic partnership as an improvable value
» To recruit the most suitable and qualified candidates at the right position by analyzing and determining scientific methods for the necessary need of human resource
» To combine personal goals with corporate goals to support the development of the employees` performance, 
» To apply non- discrimination policy in the process of recruitment in terms of nationality, language, religion, gender, political view and philosophical beliefs
» To possess and direct the corporate change and development
» To establish an safety, healthy and peaceful working environment and to provide sustainability of this approach
» To Project the social and legal rights of our employees
» To direct our employees to increase success by determining weak aspects of them , by enhancing those weaknesses with different opportunities and facilities and by rewarding employees who show success more than expected.


Atatürk Mah. Orhan Veli Cad. No:19 Kıraç Mevkii Esenyurt / İSTANBUL
Phone: 0212 886 90 60 - Fax: 0212 886 90 65 - 66


İstiklal Mahallesi Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak Caddesi No:10 Esenyurt / İSTANBUL
Phone: 0212 886 90 60 - Fax: 0212 886 90 65 - 66


Yeşiloba Mah. Orta Ölçekli Sanayi Sitesi 46237 Sok. No:20 B Blok Seyhan / ADANA
Phone: 0322 290 34 01 - Fax: 0322 290 34 05


İvedik Org.San.Bölg. 1531/1 Sok. No:3/B Yenimahalle / ANKARA
Phone: 0312 394 62 84 - Fax: 0312 394 62 85


Hürriyet mah. 5112 Sok. No:1 Menderes / İZMİR
Phone: 0232 781 25 25 - Fax: 0232 781 25 26


1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Ek OSB Alanı No : 22 Aziziye / ERZURUM
Phone: 0442 502 29 92-93-94 - Fax: 0442 502 29 95