Basbug in Numbers

Güncel Stok Sayısı 700,000 + Number of Shipments Per Year
Güncel Stok Sayısı 3,750,000 + Current Stock Number
Güncel Stok Sayısı 11,000,000 + Annual Product Shipment
Güncel Stok Sayısı 100,000 + Product Reference

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Quality and durability unites with our experience.

We present same quality and care for tens of thousands spare parts to

our customers with Başbuğ guarantee.

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Our supporting partners in our journey to quality and trust...


All news regarding our brand and industry is here.

Başbuğ Family At the same table in every Ramadan

Başbuğ Family, celebrated Ramadan's joy, peace and happiness under the same roof with all of... More...

There is time for business and time for entertainment at the great Basbug Meeting

Başbuğ Auto Spare Parts brought together important suppliers and customers of the sector at the G... More...

Corporate Games: Enthusiasm of Winning in Istanbul

Başbuğ Group took part in soccer and backgammon matches in Corporate Games Istanbul, a series of... More...

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